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Jonny Dang

In 2007, Jonny Dang graduated from the Academy of Barber Arts in Chatsworth, CA. Shortly after receiving his degree, Jonny Dang started and ran his own successful barbershop for many years before moving to Chicago and returning to Vietnam to work.

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Minh Phuong

Phuong beautifies people from a young age, and even before she went to vocational training, she bought medicine to bend for friends and acquaintances.

Hairstylist Van Minh Phuong said that in 2022, she will continue to fulfill her dream in the beauty industry because of the trust and love of her customers. She will promote beauty skills such as: Makeup, nails, eyelash extensions, eyelash curling. Hair: cut, dyed, combed hair. Skin Care. Spray cosmetic tattooing…

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Thieu Vu Nguyen

The fate that brought him to the hairdressing profession was that while looking for a job, he visited his cousin’s house, who had a hair cutting and curling salon. The sweeping movements continued, the trimmed hairs were neatly folded. As time went on, he became an expert in this field.

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