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Buzzcut hairstyles will no longer be boring if applied this more

Marine hair also has recognizable abbreviations such as Buzzcut, Crew Cut, Mohaw is one of the right hairstyles neat, easy to care for men.
Buzz cut became popular after the advent of trimmers. In some countries such as South Korea, Vietnam… This hairstyle is applied to recruits when joining the armed forces or enlisting in the military.

Toc linh thuy danh bo

This hairstyle is usually pushed close to the sides & the back of the neck, the upper part to be about 3-5 inches long. This hairstyle feature is easy to recognize, over time, the trend will add tattoo contours as a personality highlight. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is very easy to care for and style, without requiring elaborate steps before going out. Suitable for boys who do not have special grooming needs, creating a cool feeling. If you are the type of person of specific jobs such as labor, students, military, maritime, then this is the appropriate choice. 

Kiểu tóc Buzzcut sẽ không còn nhàm chán nếu áp dụng thêm điều này

However, because it is too simple, not stylish, buzz cut is sometimes listed by many people on the list of the most boring fast hairstyles because it is difficult to create any other look style. To solve this, recently, many young people have created more interesting ideas to help buzz cut head style no longer monotonous but more special.

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