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We often see men think that haircare starts and stops at the cut. It is important to continue to care for your hair each day, and the best way we know how is utilizing the best men’s grooming products to achieve the best possible results. My name is Deanna Goldstein, and I am the owner of Van Buren Gentlemen’s Salon. We offer the quintessential salon experience for the modern man.

We are a luxury barber shop and men’s salon, employing the best barbers in Chicago, and the most experienced and highly qualified stylists, beard trimming and straight razor shave specialists. Our experts are artists and masters of their craft. We offer a luxury men’s salon experience, providing excellent customer service and attention to detail. We offer complimentary cold beverages in our reception area, including beer and bourbon. We provide all of the traditional barbershop services, including haircuts, straight razor shaves, and shoeshines, in a modern, tranquil atmosphere.

Let’s talk about hair products, and why your choice of shampoo and conditioner are important. Hair is a complicated structure, and many products damage the hair, causing breakage and changes in the hair’s structure. Everyone’s hair type is different, so getting the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is most important.

Shampoo helps water remove dirt, debris, oil, and odors. Your scalp produces sebum, an oily substance which keeps skin and scalp moisturized. Sebum is a natural substance excreted by the sebaceous glands, and is a natural oil protecting skin and strands of hair. A buildup of sebum can make your hair limp and oily, and can cause dandruff and other hair issues. Shampoos work by combining cleaning and foaming agents that wash impurities out of the hair. Most important is to find a shampoo that cleans the hair, removes residues and dirt, and that leaves you with clean hair ready to receive the benefit from another product.

There are shampoos and conditioners formulated to deal with specific issues. We do not recommend using a combination shampoo/conditioner, as combination products do not typically do either job as effectively as using a separate shampoo and conditioner designed for your specific hair type. Colored hair will require shampoos that preserve the color. Coloring raises the follicles in the hair so that molecules of color can be deposited. If hair is washed with a harsh product, color will fade quickly.

Rinse off conditioners have less surfactants, and are typically designed to repair the damage done to hair by exposure, chemical or thermal treatments. They leave behind deposits, including specific materials to fix specific problems. Conditioners are meant to make hair shiny, or in chemical terms, “hydrophobic”. The materials left behind typically include silicone or oils, which allow you to comb your hair more easily, minimizing damage and breakage.

At Van Buren Gentlemen’s Salon, we use Keune semi-permanent color, created to deliver luminous, silky smooth hair with color that lasts approximately 6 weeks. Our men’s salon/luxury barber shop uses Kevin Murphy hair products. These are cruelty free products with natural ingredients, utilized by the best barbers in Chicago. Book an appointment at the best gentlemen’s salon in Chicago below.

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