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Overview of the Barber industry in Vietnam

Things Barbers need to know


Barber là gì?

Barber translates in English as a barber, they do what is related to trimming men’s hair and beard. In Western countries male barbers are collectively known as Barbers.

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The history of Barber goes back a long time, it appeared in the BC period in Egypt. This shows that men’s beauty needs appeared quite early. They are considered celebrities and Barber is seen as a noble profession of society.

In the Middle Ages Barbers began as surgeons and dentists. It is because of their ability to use razors skillfully that they also work as barbers.

Initially, the Barbers used rather rudimentary tools, which were brass blades. So many great male hairstyles were born from there. That’s why I really respect the Barners at that time.

Besides, the Barbers always have a very distinct ” barber ” style. It can be said that these barbers create models and inspiration for men when they come to cut. With a classic close shave head, neatly trimmed beard and unique tattoos, made the difference of Barber in the past. This style is also pursued by today’s Barbers, although not as popular as before.

Vietnamese Barber culture probably comes from small barber shops. The most prosperous period of Barber Vietnam was in 1975. The elegant and romantic features were the model of beauty for men at that time.

What is the difference between Stylist and Barber?

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Believe that nowadays there are many of you who still can’t distinguish what is the job of a Barber and a stylist, right?. In fact, these two objects are quite distinct from each other.

In terms of cutting technique:


They range from classic barber hairstyles like buzz cut, faux hawk to slickback, quiff and pompadour styles. Mainly use trimmer with forte Fade Haircut. After cutting and styling with the trimmer, the razor is the last step to use to create sharpness for the hair.


It can be said that Stylist is more almighty than Barber when they can create every hairstyle from classic to trendy. The hair is divided into sections according to the layout to ensure evenness. To complete a hairstyle they often use many complex techniques. Stylist also uses more tools.

However, about the technique of creating the Fade Haircut effect, perhaps Barber cut better.

In terms of gender density in the profession

Most Barbers are men with tattooed and aggressive styles. Barber environment is suitable for men to share more. Here they can say all that men think and feel.

Stylist includes both men and women, the style of dress is quite sophisticated, polite and trendy. They must always be the trendsetter in fashion. Updating the trends in the world is almost a must for a stylist.

So you have a pretty clear view of what Stylist and Barber are, right?

What is a Barber Shop?

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When it comes to barbers, it is impossible not to mention the phrase Barber shop.

Along with the development of the Barber profession, the history of the Barber shop also follows. Originally a small street corner shop or busy street corners. With a rudimentary layout of just a leather chair, glasses and a few razors, there was a Barber Shop.

The first recorded history of Barber salon comes from a barber shop located in the heart of Europe of the twentieth century.

Men come to Barber mainly to cut hair, trim beard, trim nose hair and talk about beard color. Their needs at that time were quite simple,

Later, with the development of society, men’s beauty needs also increased. And the Barber shops also grow stronger over the years.

Currently, Barber shops have more investment in facilities as well as equipment. Men who come here are served more professionally. Classic hairstyles now have a modern twist.

In Vietnam today, Barber shops are no longer strangers to men. The most popular are Barber shops in big cities such as Barber shops in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

If you’ve never been to a Barber shop before, try it once. Believe that Barber shop is exactly what you are looking for.

Difference between Barber shop and Hair salon

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Just like Barber and Stylist, Barber shop and Hair Salon also have differences.

  • Layout: The salon runs in a luxurious, modern and minimalist style. Barber shop is the opposite of sophisticated, classic and luxurious in European style.
  • Barber style: For the salon, it is neat, elegant and well-groomed. Barber shop is dusty, pitiful and tattooed with art.
  • Service style: Salon values ​​speed, efficiency and often has attached services. Barber worships leisure, slows down, serves like a true king.
  • Price: Salon focuses on affordable prices, while Barber’s prices are quite high.
  • Responsive: Salon for both men and women. Hairstyle trends are updated regularly with a variety of products. Barber is a place reserved for gentlemen. This place is loyal to the old-fashioned to masculine hairstyles.
  • Distribution: Salon has a higher popularity, almost all provinces in Vietnam. Barber is known only to men and is concentrated mainly in big cities.

The current famous Barber shops in our country must mention Liem Barber here you can enjoy the boldness of a Barber shop. There are also Ly Barber and Long Barber. As for Salon, 30Shine is probably the most known name today.

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