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What is pre-styling? Top good pre-styling products to use

Pre-styling is a familiar concept in the hair beauty industry. If you are a devotee of hair wax, it is impossible not to know the terms of hair beauty. So what is the specific pre-styling? What products does pre-styling consist of? How to pre-stylingGatino Store will answer these questions for you through the following article.

What is pre-styling?

Pre-Styling is a verb separated by Prestyle. In which “Pre” is before (previous) “style” is styling. Prestyle translation is before styling. Pre-Styling is understood as all the things done before creating a hairstyle. More precisely pre-styling before using hair wax.

Many of you may be asking , “What is pre-styling for? Before stroking wax why prestyle” right? New hair players do not have to be afraid about this issue, because when they first entered the profession, they did not understand what the concept of pre-styling is.

And now I understand better. So I’m here to help the new hairdressers better understand what pre-styling is!

In short, you can understand pre-styling is a process that helps to create a foundation for hair before you start to create a hairstyle as you want.

dung cu ho tro pre styling

Pre-styling products on the market today are very diverse, not just sprays. It can be powdered, creamy, foamy or you can also Ppe-Styling with wax. I’ll introduce you to this in the next part of this article!

The effects of pre-styling

Pre style practically uses products that have the function of supporting styling. The main use of pre-styling types is to create a basic stickiness for the hair. Such as increasing volume puffiness and texture curling effect for hair.  Some types of prestyling also have a hair nourishment effect, helping to protect the hair from the high temperature of the dryer.

  • Protect hair at high temperature when using dryer, bending, pressing …
  • Helps increase the puffiness of the volume hair
  • Create a better texture effect
  • Maintain moisture for the hair

You can see more comparison images with and without using pre-styling products to better understand the effects of prestyle!
As for the detailed effect of each type of pre-styling, I will review in the next section. You pay attention to research carefully to find the right type of Prestyling for you!

Advantages of Pre-Styling and Non-Pre Hair

Above I have listed some of the main effects of pre-styling. So there’s probably no brother asking , “Is pre styling necessary?”  Where is it? Because I think it depends on each person’s point of view. I will list some more advantages between a hair with Pre and no Pre so that you can find your own answers!

1.      Pre styling helps to fix hair to the desired position

Have you ever been inhibited by styling your hair with wax but you can’t press Style for both sides of your hair? Or are those hard curls that are hard to please and just lean in the opposite direction? Pre style products will help you solve this problem.

Use a little pre styling spray on your hair. Then use a specialized comb and hair dryer to fix those stubborn curls in the direction you want. Use more best men’s hair wax for your hair for maximum hold!

Yes Pre-stylingNo Pre-styling
Helps fix hair into desired position more effectivelyHard to style hair

2.      Pre styling helps you complete your hair up to 90%

The pre-styling process basically helps you to perfect the hair up to 90%. Then why don’t you learn Pre-styling  and use them? Especially with thick and dry hair, if you only use non-Prestyle hair wax, the time and styling process will be much more difficult.

Yes Pre-stylingNo Pre-styling
Save time brushing your hairTakes more time to brush your hair in  from

3.      Pre styling helps you save hair wax

Because using Prestyle products will help your hair stay in place by up to 90%, you will definitely save a significant amount of wax to smooth your hair.

There are also many brothers who have a habit of using a lot of hair wax when they see that they have not created the desired hairstyle. In my opinion this is not necessary. Because a good product men’s hair wax  will do its job of styling right from the start. Using a lot of wax will make your hair break easily, become heavier and lose the naturalness of your hair.

Yes Pre-stylingNo Pre-styling
Significant savings on hair waxUse more wax. If using wax incorrectly, it will cause hair to be hard, fall out, feel heavy, lose self  course

4.      Pre styling helps increase volume and texture puffiness for hair

Pre-styling will help your hair look better by creating a base to give your hair more volume, more volume. and create more textures. Of course, in contrast to a non-prestyle hair before waxing will have a lower volume, less texture.

The Pre-stylingNo Pre-styling
Increases puffiness and thickness for your hair, gives you more confidence about your hairHair is easier to collapse, less textured

5. Pre styling helps increase volume and texture for hair

For those of you with dry hair, Pre-styling  is a necessary product before brushing your hair to maintain moisture in your hair. , help you have a strong, naturally beautiful hair. What’s more, most pre-styling products have a heat resistant feature that will help protect your hair from the power of the blow dryer.

With Pre-styling No Pre-styling
Helps you take care of your hair more effectively Using hair wax a lot can make your hair dry

I just listed for you 5 advantages that are also 5 compelling reasons to answer the question “Should I Pre-styling my hair before using wax?” < /em>And now let’s Gatino Store find out what kind of Pre-styling there are on the market today!

Common Pre-Styling

You know, Prestyle’s roots go back a long time with women’s styling products. But our brothers’ beauty needs are no less competitive, so when styling is indispensable Pre-styling products okay.

The first Pre-Styling product developed into a spray bottle. However, there is no specific definition of Pre-styling. It is simply a product used before waxing to style hair.

top pre styling tot nhat gia re hien nay

top pre styling tot nhat gia re hien nayPre-styling products can be:

  • Pre-styling spray
  • Pre-styling cream
  • Pre-styling foam
  • Pre-styling powder
  • Pre-styling wax/wax

Among them, cheap  Pre-styling types normally use pink salt, sea salt, dead sea salt, etc. And the premium  Pre-Styling products use heat protectants and help shape the hair.

Below I will share with you Top most popular Pre-styling products and also types  Prestyling now on sale at Gatino Store yeah!

Please refer to here:

Top recommended pre-styling products

Pre-styling spray

Pre Styling Spray spray is the most popular type of Pre-styling available today. Here are 2 segments Pre-styling hair spray  on the market today:

Pre-styling premium spray

  • Pre-Styling By Vilain Sidekick Spray
  • Pre-Styling By Vilain Sidekick Zero Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Bona Fide Texture Spray
  • Pre-Styling Mane Man Sea Salt Texturizing Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Osis+ Session Label Salt Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Tigi Bed Head Thunder Struck Rockaholic Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Nak Surf Styler Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Reuzel Grooming Tonic Spray Bottle

Pre-Styling cheap spray

  • Pre-Styling CAB’S Argan Oil Spray Bottle
  • Pre-Styling Ocean Spray
  • Pre-Styling Cosa Nostra Spray Bottle

Pre-styling powder

The most typical powder pre-styling product you should use today is Blumaan Ash.

apestomen volcanic ash

Pre-styling foam

Pre-styling foam aka Mousse means foam glue. In the hair cosmetics industry it is used to style or shape the created hairstyle. Most types of Mousse are heat resistant when using a dryer at high temperatures. And you can also use some of these products to prestyle your hair. For example, the Osis+ 4 Grip Pre Styling product.

Pre-styling cream

Pre-styling with wax

Washing your hair with wax is normal. So can hair wax products prestyle products? The answer is YES yes! On the market today, there are many products premium men’s hair wax  containing many nutrients to help protect hair from the heat of the hair dryer. Usually, they both have the effect of styling and maintaining their pre-styling ability.

If you want to save money with this 2-in-1 product, you can immediately refer to some of the following products men’s hair wax  following:

  • Pre-Styling with Blumaan Meraki Rhinoceros wax
  • Pre-Styling with Mane Man Gloss Cream
  • Pre-Styling with Mane Man Matte Cream

The above are the most effective Pre-Styling types which are used by many young people and even professional hair stylists. Information about each product, whether it is suitable for your hair or not, please remember to click on the detailed link to learn more. Because with each product Gatino Store  has tried its best to describe its features and uses. You should read to find the best product for your hair!

For those of you who are new to wax and do not know what type of hair your hair is, do not ignore the following article: Hair, hair quality, hair density and how to choose the right men’s hair wax.

How to Pre-Styling Properly

Each product What is Pre-styling will have its own usage notes. However Gatino Store  here is a standard way to use Pre Styling products.

How to use basic pre-styling

Step 1: Clean your hair

Washing and rinsing your hair is the first step you need to do before every beauty treatment. This is a seemingly simple step, but it plays a very important role. Because it helps to clean the dandruff, clean the old wax remaining on the hair and return your hair to its original natural state.

Don’t style with a sticky, dusty hair. Because dirt can cause hair to stay in place and easily fall out right after styling.

Step 2: Dry, blow dry 50-60% to keep hair moisture

Use a dry towel to gently wipe the hair until the water is gone. Pay attention to retain a moderate amount of moisture for your hair so that your hair can easily absorb Pre-Styling products. Can be blow-dried and retain moisture for hair about 40-50%.

Step 3: Apply Pre-styling product to hair

Take a small amount of Pre-styling product and apply it evenly to your hair. One piece of advice for you when choosing Pre Styling products: you should choose products with clear origins and suitable for your hair quality and needs.

  • For the  Pre-styling spray bottle you can use the spray nozzle to spray the product directly onto the hair.
  • For Pre-styling with wax or foams or foaming creams, take an appropriate amount, rub the palm of your hand and apply. hair.

Step 4: Blow-drying

Use a hair dryer in combination with a semicircular or round comb to dry and shape your hair. This is considered a stepping stone to help you get a satisfactory male hairstyle with the ability to style up to 90%.

* Note: Do not use a mini dryer in this step because it does not have enough power and wind to help you style your hair.

may say toc giup tao volume high for tocmay say toc giup tao volume cao cho toc
Hair dryer helps to create high volume for hair

From this step, Pre Styling begins to work its magic. The Pre Styling product you’ve used will create a thin film that protects your hair from the high heat from the dryer, keeping your hair from damage and retaining the moisture it needs.

Step 5: Use hair wax

In step 4, besides the function of styling, PreStyle products have also somewhat defined your hairstyle, helping to create a certain style and volume. Therefore, with just a small amount of hair wax, you can create a perfect hairstyle for yourself.

Step 6: Use spray (if needed)

See more: How to use hairspray effectively for men

The above is how to use Pre-styling products properly. In which step number 4 seems to be the most important and maybe many people do not know how to dry pre-styling what is . So I think there should be a section to guide you to dry your hair like below:

Detailed way to blow dry pre-styling

  • Step 1: Start drying with hot air mode. Medium-high heat. High wind speed. Combine drying with round comb to increase volume. This helps to create a better hair form.
  • Step 2: Thoroughly dry the swirly hair and the sides first. This is the part of the hair that is most prone to breakage. Then dry the bangs. Use a round brush to curl the bangs and then dry them thoroughly.
  • Step 3: After your hair is 70-80% dry, stop using the round brush. Run your hands through your hair and blow-dry it until it’s completely dry. This is also a tip to increase the texture of the hair.
  • Step 4: Finish with cold drying to fix the hair form.

What kind of hair wax do you use after pre-styling?

This is also a question many of you have asked for Gatino Store. For example:

  • What wax should I use after using Pre-stling hair spray?
  • Prestyle with Vocanic Ash, what wax do you use to style?
  • Pre-style what wax to use with Blumaan Ascend? Lots of lots such a question…

Yes, just like what I shared above. Using a good hair wax depends on the quality of your hair. Learn more about hair quality to buy the best men’s hair wax for your hair.

Basically, Prestyle products work with almost any wax. You can use any kind. As long as it suits your hair texture to get the best hold.

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