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What is Barber? What is the difference between Barber Shop and Hair Salon?

What is Barber ? What is the difference between Barber Shop and Hair Salon ? When not only women have the need to beautify, but young men also want to find a beauty spot with a separate space, they often come to see skilled and happy barbers. count. And these barbers are called Barbers. So what is Barber ?

barber la gi barbershop vs hair salon

I. What is Barber?

1. What does Barber mean?

Barber is translated as “Brother Barber”, which is a term used to refer to men who cut hair. Barber involves jobs including beard and hair such as cutting hair, shaving, styling suitable for each face. Barber’s workplace is Barbershop – a men’s barber shop, this is a place where only men or people who want to cut men’s hairstyles can use the service.

barber la gi

While the term now refers to hairdressers who specialize in men’s hair, in the past all barbers were called Barbers. Because at present, the needs of people are increasing, requiring rigor and mastery in each service. Therefore, most beauty services have been separated, and Barber is no exception, a place to help men satisfy their beauty needs.

barber nghia la gi

Barber guys in history mostly have a very personal style. We can identify with mustache beards, with tattoos crisscrossed on both arms. These barbers can cut a wide variety of hairstyles, from short hair to long hairstyles. From traditional to modern hairstyles, from Buzz cut, Faux Hawk to Slickback, Pompadour and Quiff styles.

anh tho cat toc nam

Trimmer or clipper is a tool mainly used to create short hairstyles. With skilled workers, and skillful use of clippers, Barbers have created trendy hair models, especially the Fade Haircut effect.

cac dung cu su dung tai barbershop

Fade Haircut helps to increase the density of the hair on the top, darker and sharper. This is the effect that young people today are very fond of and has become a modern hair fashion trend. A hairstyle that has been modeled for a long time, but just rely on the hands of the “barbers”, they will be transformed in a harmonious and appropriate way.

2. Barber’s Origins

Barber has a long history, traces of razors have been found in a series of antiques around 3500 BC, especially in Egypt. This service, according to some records, has been performed since 5000 BC. However, at this time, there were only tools such as oyster shells or sharpening flints.

In ancient Egypt, Barber was highly regarded, because the art of barbering at this time in the world played a very important role. Men in ancient Greece regularly cut their nails, trimmed their beards and hair as a normal necessity. Thus, Barber was gradually introduced to Rome in 296 BC. More and more Barbershops are opening and becoming a place for men to chat and chat.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Barbershops were compared to pubs, as they were seen as hangout places for men. Not only that, it is also a place where people can gather to talk and update the current situation. This is the golden period of Barbershop salons.

nguon goc cua barber

When entering the Barbershop, people will feel like a club or bar to gather and have fun together. Here everyone can be themselves, talk freely and especially no woman can come for any reason. So it can be said that Barbershop is the ideal space for meetings.

Although this is not a period of real economic development, the furniture used in the Barbershop is very focused. The barber chair is made of polished walnut, the walls are decorated with artistic frescoes, art mirrors and even a crystal chandelier. This is a popular interior design style in the golden age of Barbershops.

Until the economic crisis, people didn’t seem to want to spend money to join this service anymore. Followed by the rise of the Hippie culture , the style that only likes shaggy or shoulder-length hair, so the need to use services at Barbershops has disappeared. And in 1980 to 1990, this was the period when it could be said that the “barber man” was unemployed.

Barber’s comeback has been stronger in recent years, especially since 2020. Because now, to find a space to enjoy exclusively for men, only Barbershops can help them relax. After a long and tiring work. The men’s barbershops are carefully decorated with luxurious but equally classic and aristocratic interiors.

3. Barbershop in Vietnam

Barbershop in Vietnam has probably been established for a long time. Although there are many salons open now, the men’s barbershops have not faded or forgotten. Because only here, people can feel secure when their needs really work well.

barbershop viet nam vao dau the ky 20

In the years after liberation, we can easily identify the trendy hair style through the Undercut hairstyle. It can be said that Undercut is also the choice of young people, and only men’s hair salons can create the right style, exactly to each size. Although Barbershop is not really large at this time, just a small roadside shop, but the layout always creates a cozy and close space for everyone to comfortably share life conversations. often.

barbershop via he o viet nam

Today, when more and more salons are formed, new hairstyles are more popular and popular. However, the Undercut trend has once again revived the traditional Barbershop. Men’s hair salons combine what has been before, promote new things, all have helped Barbershop become one of the places chosen and used by men.

In Vietnam, men’s barbershops are opened in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, most salons always focus on building a traditional style. Something a little dusty, a little bit classic, but not forgetting to create a warm and luxurious space.

Barbershops in Vietnam pay great attention to customer care. When you come here, you will be consulted very carefully, fully performed the requested services such as haircuts, shampoos, styling, shaving… No unpleasant odors of chemicals. When you come here, you can completely relieve stress in the most complete and perfect way.

barbershop viet nam

II. Difference between Barber Shop and Hair Salon

1. The difference between hairdressers

The typical difference between Barber Shop and Hair Salon is the people who work in the salon. For the Barber Shop, the barber is the Barber, but at the Hair Salon, it’s the Hair stylist. All Barbers are trained to use the trimmer professionally. Not only that, the harmonious combination of trimmer, comb and scissors together is very important to create the sharpest and most contoured hair models.

Barbers are only trained to create men’s hairstyles, you can own hair models with familiar effects such as Low Fade, Mid Fade, High Fade. Even male barbers can tattoo your favorite images right on your hair. And very few Barbers are female, but if anyone is passionate about this profession, it is a huge advantage.

Hair Stylist differs from barbers in that it can cut both men’s and women’s hair, but the tools they use are sharp golden scissors. Only use the trimmer when you want to cut close to the hairline, or trim the lines at the request of the customer. The main job of Hair Stylist is to create trendy hair styles, focusing on using chemicals to curl, straighten or dye hair.

Su khac biet giua Barber Shop va Hair Salon

2. Price difference between Barber Shop and Salon

For men’s barbershops, the demand for use will be more frequent, men’s hair is often longer, so it needs constant styling. Because of the higher demand, the prices at Barbershops will usually be much lower. Although the working time may be the same, the cost per service will be lower than at the Salon.

However, depending on the service selected by the customer, the price may change. In Salons, if it is not for heavy work such as bending, stretching, dyeing, the cost will probably be the same. But if you choose one of those jobs or more, you have to spend a large amount of money to cover. The demand at the Salon is often not continuous, maybe a customer only visits the salon about 2 times a year. Therefore, the prices here will be higher.

3. Service trends between Barber Shop and Salon

At men’s barbershops, from classic undercut styles, the craftsmen skillfully change them to make them more modern and stylish. Although now Barbers have learned more new hairstyles, all of them are very personal, and in line with the fashion trends of the hair industry.

At Salons, Hair Stylists can perform all services from low to high, from basic to advanced. Not only that, they always have to update new hair trends and styles such as hot curls, cold curls, C-curls, wavy curls. Ombre, highlight, 3D, Dip Dye, tone reduction, tone enhancement, Balayage. Straighten the hair, straighten the tail … or hairstyles such as: Layered hair, short hair, horizontal hair, …

Hair stylists are very knowledgeable about the current state of hair. They know how strong or weak hair is to carry out restorations or use chemicals in the right proportions so as not to affect the life of the hair. Besides, being knowledgeable about hair also helps customers to be more beautiful after stepping out of the Salon.

4. Interior decoration style

Although both salons are related to hair and beauty for customers, the layout of the two spaces is almost completely different. For men’s barbershops, the color tone is often used much darker. When entering the Barbershop, we will feel this is similar to the space of a small bar. Some tools and layouts used in men’s barbershops are:

  • Barber Pole Lamp : This is a lamp with 3 colors of blue, white and red. Usually used for decoration at the entrance of salons. This is a lamp associated with the history of the hair industry, although it is an old appliance, it is an indispensable symbol of men’s barbershops. The lamp creates a bright light, which is an ideal place for customers to check and take pictures and pose.
den Barber Pole
  • Use the main color : Most at men’s hair salons, the decoration is simple but very personal. Use striking colors to increase accents and create your own unique features. Some colors are used in the salon such as red, dark green, navy blue, brown, earth red…
  • Building a nostalgic style : In order to properly implement the quality and atmosphere of a Barber Shop, the shop is usually designed in Vintage or Retro style . The walls can use raw bricks to decorate, to make the space more rustic and simple. Besides, you can use classic-style wallpaper or decal stickers to unleash your creativity without worrying about clashing.
trang tri noi that tai barbershop
  • Choose warm yellow lights : In order for barbershops to have a warmer space, we should use decorative lamps with warm yellow colors. It is not necessary to use modern light bulbs, as long as they fit the space being designed.

Particularly for Salons, usually people like luxury and nobility every time they step in. Because only then, new customers trust the Hair Stylist to perform services directly on their hair. Salons can be decorated in the style of Korea, Japan or European countries. All employees use uniforms to show professionalism, as well as create a unique beauty for the shop.

phong cach trang tri cua hair salon

The colors used mainly in the Salon are neutral colors. When entering the salon, we will see bright lights, spacious space as well as a variety of chemicals used to make customers’ hair. The common feature of salons that we easily recognize is the white walls, bright mirrors and plush, comfortable chairs.

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